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How to use helper classes...Why we need helper classes - The ...

Jan 10, 2005 - Is helper classes are different from java classes and how to call a helper classes from servlet and why do we need it.Please can anyone tell me

OOP Anti-Patterns: Utility or Helper Classes | Ralin Chimev

Almost every project has at least a whole package of utility and helper classes, because everyone needs a junkyard for their unwanted code, for those pieces ...

What is the diff b/w utility and helper class? - Salesforce ...

Aug 20, 2015 - Hi Sain, A Utility class is understood to only have static methods and be stateless. You would not create an instance of such a class. A Helper ...

What is a Helper Class?

A helper class is a name commonly given to programmer-defined classes because they help your Applets and applications perform their tasks. Like the built-in classes, a class that you write will represent something.

Should I Leave That Helper Class? - Simple Programmer

Apr 12, 2010 - How to identify a helper class, recognize lame excuses to continue the use of them, and why they are evil. Part one of a series on removing ...

Are Helper Classes Evil? – Inside Architecture - MSDN Blogs - Microsoft

Sep 6, 2005 - First off, a definition: A helper class is a class filled with static methods. It is usually used to isolate a "useful" algorithm. I've seen them in nearly ...

Helper class - Wikipedia

In object-oriented programming, a helper class is used to assist in providing some functionality, which isn't the main goal of the application or class in which it is used. An instance of a helper class is called a helper object (for example, in the delegation pattern).

What are helper objects in java? - Stack Overflow

Jan 26, 2010 - Some operations which are common to a couple of classes can be moved to helper classes, which are then used via object composition:

Java | How to create your own Helper Class? - GeeksforGeeks

Helper Class is a Java class which includes basic error handling, some helper functions etc. Helper class contains functions that help in assisting the program. This Class intends to give quick implementation of basic functions such that programmers do not have to implement again and again.

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